Some years ago, my life changed dramatically I was no longer imprisoned by circumstances, instead I was growing despite them. I had already grown through Christianity but became very interested in what exactly had took place in the shift in my mindset. After reaching a level of personal success I had never imagined, I wanted understanding. Sure, I had been successful before, but was never able to maintain any level of true success for any real length of time. So along with my in-depth study of scripture I started a study of mental science. This allowed me to become truly aware of the various roadblocks that stopped me in the past. It also allowed me to become more aware of my real strengths and weaknesses that lie on a subconscious level. I began to know and understand my self-image. Self-Image is the guiding force in our ability to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

“Self-image is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you can change the personality and the behavior”-  Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Let’s think about it like this, we all know people who have lost large amounts of weight only to gain it back. Although they felt good about the weight loss and heard countless praise, their self-image was that of someone who was overweight. Do you know what happened? Their self-image of being overweight acted like a guidance system and brought them back to the place of their true belief of themselves. Dieticians, Nutritionists, Supplement sellers will tell you this has to do with physiology or body chemistry. Don’t get me wrong these play a role in the shape of your body, but your self-image is the driving force in sustaining results.

This is what happened to me I would achieve success but the image I held of myself was one of failure so as a result I would fail at some point. It was like a boomerang effect. I would continue to return to the point I would start at. I had friends who would say I’ve never seen a person fall and rebound like you. So, as I began to grow I focused on what was causing the fall and came away with a simple realization. We can’t out run our self-image, but we can change it we’ll discuss that in later posts.